The Story

Håkan Orrling

Determined, unchained in mind – yet humble. And with a firm mind to achieve art and beauty in a way that allows neither compromises nor concessions. The county of Småland in Sweden is known for the world as the cradle of ambition, design, hard work, craftmanship and determination. This is where Håkan Orrling grew up and spent his first years. His father, who was a trained goldsmith in the 50´s, moved from Stockholm to join Hans-Agne Jacobsson as a designer of lamps and lighting for public areas.

At 17 Håkan moved to Mjölby in Östergötland to persue education and become a goldsmith/jeweller after which he received his journeyman´s certificate. Some years later he applied for and attended a higher education for processing, preparing and designing precious metals – this time in Copenhagen, Denmark.

– I have a strong need to be honest in all I create. I distance myself from work that holds no meaning or lacks some kind of message, spirit or soul. In fact that´s what it´s all about, doing what I do. I create ideas and shapes from thoughts to which I always add bits and pieces of my soul. That´s what give them life. What you get is what you think you see and yet it may very well be a riddle… Some times you just don´t know.

When young Siddhartha Gautama set out on his journey he searched for six years for enlightenment, answers, truth and wisdom. After six years he sat down under a huge fig tree. Under this tree, finally, one morning, after weeks of meditation and persistance – he found sheer truth and enlightenment and became Buddha, the enlightened one. The tree became the symbol of wisdom, or the mystery if you like. It became the source and the flow of enlightenment brought to young Buddha though the leaves, the resin and the bark.

Håkan Orrling has a deep and honest bond to his craftmanship. He is connected to every item and it has grown out of his own hand. 

Welcome to the world of Bodhitree Jewels

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